FoxJump Mock Shoot

We were so excited to have FoxJ ump Cinematics involve us in this beautiful wedding mock shoot. 

We worked together alongside a lot of the best talent in the Central Coast of California. Click through the photos below to see some of our work on this fun day. 

Ashley Darby did a great job on hair and make up in the start of the day. 


The day was almost over, and they brought out cars to reenergize us all and get our creativity out. 

|||The Baldwin Wedding|||

     It was a blast to photograph The Baldwins on their very special day.  To see an old friend say "I do" to his best friend, to the woman who he loves more than anything...I always cry at weddings but that is because I am a chick.  Here is just a few photographs that I love from their big day.  All photographs posted here are film and are perfect, I don't even know how to edit these photos.

     Once in a while I will get the perfect wedding.  There are a million things that can go wrong for photographers in the wedding world that guest attending the wedding have no idea about.  When you get the perfect clients that 100% trust you, there is almost nothing better.  When your client says "whatever you want to do Jeremy, we trust you and we want to do what you want to do" the stars align and everything just works out, even if everything else is falling apart.  The kiss was at high noon so I knew when I were to take the couple away for a moment and snap some shots on the beach I had to use color film.

     Pismo beach on fathers day weekend was were the kiss was to be held.  The only problem with this beautiful location was the time of day.  As a photographer it is my job to make it happen and make it work without a problem, without anyone knowing that these photographs at high noon are going to be very difficult with the way I like to shoot.  With my style and with what I am known for.  I love to photograph weddings in medium format film.  You might not know what that it is but it is flawless, yes it is expensive but it is perfection.  After the kiss I was able to take the couple away for just a few moments and have a moment with them and I only used color film and I only shot one roll with 16 frames available to me.  I am 100% stoked with these photographs and I am very excited for the couple and everyone else to see them!  

I just want to take a moment to thank The Baldwins for choosing me.  A year before the wedding they said "Jeremy, its you. You are photographing our wedding"  You have no idea how much that means to me.  To hear those words, that two people choose me on their special day,  that I am to take on that once in a life time day, when everything can fall apart and I have to hold it together and do a better than amazing job to make sure everyone is more than 100% happy with me, with the photographs and with the whole experience that comes with choosing me.

The Carnino Wedding

    I was able to have the honor to photograph one of my oldest friends wedding.  It was wonderful to see Justin say I do to such a wonderful and beautiful woman such as Cassi. To see my old friend this happy was something I was wasn't sure was going to happen for him.  I just wanted to say thank you guys for choosing me to capture this one and only day for you.