Photos for Pao's Family.

I (Jeremy) thought that it'd be really nice to take some photos for Paola because before she had become an official partner in Wirth Photography she was assisting me. Giving her a shoot while her brother was in town with her mother too was important to me that she had these moments captured. 


The only time we all had available was the "worst time" to photograph, so we took them on the inside of her moms house. I thought Paola's brother was super nice and cool. Her mom had a sense of pride in her voice when she spoke about Paola and I could tell she was thankful for the photoshoot. 

Paola's now become an official business photographer of Wirth Photography and she's helping write this post. I (Paola) could not be more thankful for these photos capturing just 20 minutes of the love, silliness and closeness that this side of my family shows.