The Birth of our Son Rex Morrison Wirth

Rex Morrison Wirth was born on March 5th at 5:01 AM at 9lb 2oz and 20.5 inch.  His birth was one of the most insane things I think I will ever witness.  Ashley's water broke at 4:00 AM, followed by a contraction at 4:03 and another at 4:07.  We arrived at the hospital lets say around 4:45 and Rex was born shortly after.  

Ashley was screaming that this hurt way more than the first time, that she couldn't do it, I tried to warn the nurses that when Ashley speaks she means what she says, so if she is saying her body is locked up and she can't move, she can't move.  I don't think anyone believed us until she started crowning and yelling "the baby is coming"

Maybe seven pushes, maybe! and Rex was here.  Seeing Ashley give the last push was one of the most  euphoric moments of my life.  This whole process was.  The other woman you see in the photographs is Jennie Hitchcock, Ashley dear friend and Dula.  She was the for the whole pregnancy of Lucy and the birth so we wanted her here for this baby.  I wish she could of been here for the whole entire pregnancy but life happens.  She helped bring both Kids into this world and I am beyond grateful for her for many reasons.