||| The Davis Wedding |||

   For this blog post I have some of my favorite photographs for "The Davis Wedding"  I made sure yo bring one roll of film for this beautiful couple.  One roll of film, with this camera and this type of film leaves me with 16 frames available to me, so every shot counts.  Jessica and Corey, thank you. Thank you for choosing me.  When I finally had the pleasure to meet Corey he said to me "It was very important to Jessica that you are our photographer"  Moments like those make all this worth it, this is a very cut throat industry, and I am not a cut throat person.  I care about my clients, I care that they are happy and that they love their photographs from their once in a lifetime day.  So here you go, here are a few photographs from the one roll of film I took with me, of course I shot digital too and I have those for Jessica and Corey as well, but these are my favorites. This is how I photograph best.