||| The Duffy Wedding |||

     It's a few months late but just because I wasn't sure If they wanted to share it with everyone, I was asked by my good friend Joshua E Duffy to be the one to photograph their wedding.  Now of course I wanted to do so and the two best things about doing this is that first off I was able to almost completely photograph the whole wedding in film, and the second best thing was that they were getting married in Lake Tahoe.  Somewhere I had yet to visit, somewhere I had always wanted to go.

    Now Joshua and I have been very close friends for, I want to say about five to six years.  It was cameras that brought us together just like they have with a few other close friends of mine, but I don't think it was cameras that have kept us friends.  Josh, I and one other friend would stay out all night photographing, learning, trying new things.  We have slept in a extremely small tent together, when we didn't have the normal 9-5 jobs like we have now (thats a lie, I don't have a job at all right now) we use to grab lunch all the time, we would go into the local Jr college darkroom together and make prints and all that fun stuff.  Joshua is one of those friends that if I knew he wasn't at work and I needed something I could call him.

    When Joshua and Jenny met I knew it was love at first sight, I have always been able to tell the moment a dear friend tells me about a certain gal or guy they met, I can tell when they have met their match.  I can tell when they are going to marry that person.  I was able to tell with my other two oldest and dearest friends from moment one and I was able to tell here with Josh and Jenny. I am not really sure how, but I just can.  I also know when someone is with child.  Both situations are something I can just feel, its something their soul gives off, its not that I can see it, its that I can feel it.  Just like when certain people touch me, a hand on my hand, a hand on my back I can feel them through my soul.  With Josh and Jenny I knew from moment one of hearing about her that she was the one my dear friend wanted to spend the rest of his time on earth with.

   Once in a while all the planets will align and I will have the honor to be part of almost a perfect wedding.  This was one of those times.  The Duffys were nice enough to make sure everyone had a place to stay and it was this beautiful cabin.  I can't even remember how many rooms it was.  They made sure Ashley and I had our own room and everything else we needed.  Now the most important thing for me and something I tell every potential wedding client of mine is "I have to get to know you, and you have to trust me 100% hands down."  Duffy is a photographer as well which can be a good thing for a wedding photographer or a bad thing.  There is nothing worse than someone telling you how to do what you do best. This was something I knew I did not have to worry about.  Josh and Jenny did not have to ask me to do anything and they gave me 100% trust. "whatever you want to do Jeremy, we trust you"  that my friend is how you know you are doing something right.  The fact that I shot almost this whole entire wedding in film, that We took Jennys dress outside and hung it above the snow, hung it over dirt and she just said "I trust you" The fact that we almost took two hours for their "creative shots" and Josh and Jenny said "everyone can wait, this is our day and we trust you" as a wedding photographer there is nothing better.

     It was a perfect wedding and a perfect trip.  It kinda changed me in a few ways.  I got to see one of my very best friends commit his life to the  one person he truly loves, I got to go to Lake Tahoe, I got to photograph my favorite way,  Ashley and I basically set the ceremony up, I was less than two feet away from the couple when they said "I Do" because that is what they wanted. I was able to capture photographs like nothing else I had yet to do at that point in the 7 years I had been seriously photographing,  I was able to bring my beautiful, wonderful and amazingly talented girlfriend/assistant who truly holds me together not just everyday but on very important days like a wedding like this.  Josh and Jenny actually thanked us when they gave their speech, but in all honesty they thanked ashley more because she is the glue that holds it all together.  I so badly want to go back, I so badly want every wedding to be like this.  Where there is trust, love and understanding.

    Thank you Josh and Jenny, thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding.  Thank you for trusting us in every single way, Thank you for the years of support cause trying to be a photographer is everything but easy.  Your wedding will always be one of my absolute most loved.  I will and do tell your story when I sit down with wedding clients.  How you trusted me in every way, to hang your dress in a tree, trusted me to help set up the ceremony, to get way to close when you said "I do" Now I am able to show people what I am capable of if given all the tools I ask for.  I am excited to see you guys grow and to start your family.