|||The Otremba Family|||

     I had the joy and the pleasure to photograph the Otremba Family and what a experience it was!  I absolutely loved how full of energy this whole family is, these kids are always playing out side and doing something crazy.  They live down the street from my girlfriends family.  They are either playing basketball, walking a tight rope they have out front or something!  During the shoot the boys were all over the place, running and jumping and throwing things at one another and that my friend is how I think it should be.  Mom and Dad are amazing and I truly enjoy to watch the connection they have has soul mates and as parents.  This is a Clan of some very impressive humans.

     It sure was funny to watch these kids play "pokemon go" while we were running around the hills.  One of the took off and didn't come back for a solid 5 mins, only to return and say "it was a bulbasur" so I understand his frustration. We had a lot of great laughs during the duration of this photo shoot and it was truly my pleasure.