The first time I went to Yosemite was April of 2015,  I returned June 2016.  I am in no way a Landscape photographer.  I photograph people and the retreating moments that might never happen again.  It was truly nice to walk around Yosemite with my favorite film camera and not be in a rush, well we kinda were we only had about a day and a half in the park.

     Photographs from above are from our first morning.  Ashley and I left the night before right after we both got off work and slowly packed the car and made a few stop on our slow but sure way out of town and on to the six hour drive to meet up with the rest of the family who had been enjoying the park for the past few days before our arrival.  One A.M. we arrived at the family's camp and quietly parked the car and crashed in the back.  We awoke to one of the most iconic parks in the world and attempted to get our name on a list to stay the next night.

     The Darby Clan and I made our way to one of the most famous sites in the park, the big waterfall the name is slipping my mind on at this moment.  The only complaint I have about Yosemite is how busy it always is, overcrowded.  It might just be the fact that it was the week before fathers day and the first week most schools were out for summer vacation.  The Darby Clan runs close together.  In their house hold it goes without saying.  Everyone just helps one another.

     I had to make sure we stopped in the valley floor to snap a few photographs before the rest of the family was to leave.  I am really happy that I took the Mamiya camera my best film camera, not that it matter.  Thank you to Janice (Ashley's mother) for taking a few photographs of Ashley and I.  Photographs are very important to me and I don't always get to be in the memory that we borrow from that moment.  There is no better way in my small opinion then to photograph this wonderful place than in medium format color film.

     After a few more hours the family had to get on the road and Ashley and I were left to go on our own adventures and find some trouble....okay no trouble was found but as always we had a great time.  There is no one else I would rather tackle life with, go on adventures with than her.

     With not being able to fine a open camp site within the whole park we decided to go see what it would cost to find a close hotel.  Within just a few miles from the park we were able to fine a very nice hotel for a great deal so we book it, threw our stuff in our room and headed right back into the park!  We decided to take the one hour drive all the way up to Glacier Point and see how sunset was on the top of the world.  I have seen a lot of wonderful things in this world but this was a view to remember.  I terribly want to take a wedding couple up there and catch the right photographs at the right moment.  If you ever have the chance to get to Yosemite I highly recommend that you take the drive and enjoy this amazing view.  On our way back down the hill I wanted show Ashley another one in a lifetime view, yet She became car sick but she was still able to enjoy the view after blowing chunks behind the dumpsters.

     I felt these two photographs deserved to stand a lone.  Again I am no Landscape photographer but I am proud of these.  We headed back to our hotel, got some food and went to bed to awake the next morning and see as much of the park as possible due tot he fact that Ashley has never been here before.  A storm came, it started as a light sprinkle but made it's way to become quite a bit of rain,  That however did not stop us,  we ran around found some good spots and I just simply covered my camera.  After a few hours of that we decided to head back on the long drive home.