The Aldana Family

It is always humbling to me when someone contacts me to photograph a important moment in their life, weather it is a wedding, maternity or just family photos.  It is no small task.

This Family was a ton of fun and wonderful people.  With their oldest child being very quite, it took a little while for him to warm up to me but once we did I had a great time with him.  Even though he was quite you could see the gears in his head turning, trying figure me out, trying to see if he could trust me.  Make sure you click on the photos below, they move!

I know this family extended family.  They are not the first of the family to work with me or to even even hire me out more than once.  I am humbled to work for them and hope to do so again in the future.  I want to make life long happy clients.  It is a joy to watch family's grow and to document it through the years.