The Birth of our Son Rex Morrison Wirth

Rex Morrison Wirth was born on March 5th at 5:01 AM at 9lb 2oz and 20.5 inch.  His birth was one of the most insane things I think I will ever witness.  Ashley's water broke at 4:00 AM, followed by a contraction at 4:03 and another at 4:07.  We arrived at the hospital lets say around 4:45 and Rex was born shortly after.  

Ashley was screaming that this hurt way more than the first time, that she couldn't do it, I tried to warn the nurses that when Ashley speaks she means what she says, so if she is saying her body is locked up and she can't move, she can't move.  I don't think anyone believed us until she started crowning and yelling "the baby is coming"

Maybe seven pushes, maybe! and Rex was here.  Seeing Ashley give the last push was one of the most  euphoric moments of my life.  This whole process was.  The other woman you see in the photographs is Jennie Hitchcock, Ashley dear friend and Dula.  She was the for the whole pregnancy of Lucy and the birth so we wanted her here for this baby.  I wish she could of been here for the whole entire pregnancy but life happens.  She helped bring both Kids into this world and I am beyond grateful for her for many reasons.  

Our Maternity photo shoot done by Vince and Mades Cruz

   As you have seen we did a New Born shoot for our friends Vince and Mades. We thought it would be a good idea to have them do one of our maternity shoot, Ashley's mother will be taking some soon. So here is almost every photograph from the 3 rolls of film, my very talented friend captured.  We had a great time and it would be fun to do a shoot every year with Vince and Mades.  

To contact Vince and Mades for photographs



Michelle and Warren

     A little less than a year ago Warren's sister in law contacted me about a group photo of the three brothers for a birthday present for their mother.  Needless to say it was one of those fun, goofy and easy photo shoots.  Three brothers? come on, it was full of laughs, which is something I always love.  A few months later Warrens girlfriend contacted me for graduation photos.  She Graduated from Cal Poly if I remember correctly?  Well the other day I was able to have the honor to photograph their Engagement session!  I love having returning clients, and I can tell when they will be life long clients! I am very grateful when people see what I do and appreciate it.

For my family

    This blog post is for my family members in the mid-west, who I don't get to see very often.  Here is a visual update on everything for you guys.  Here are a few photos, We just did our first of two maternity sessions and my photo friend should have the rolls of film back soon.  Next we are heading to Lake Tahoe in late January.

   Some of these where up in Big Sur Cali, some down south in Santa Barbara.  Big Sur is a wonderful place to go and next time any of you all come out here, we are going!

Halloween, Big Sur and thanksgiving.  Yeah thats a cliff Lucy and I are standing on, above a waterfall.  Mom and Lucy on Hallows eve, grandpa and Lucy building stuff...


    For the fist time in years you will be seeing me use logos, and not only that, new logos.  The girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about us rebranding these past few months.  Like most things she is usually right. So here it goes.  It has taken me years of hard work to get where I am.  Countless nights, thousands of hours shooting, developing film and prints in the dark room, working under the best photographers I could find in the area. 


    I am a film photographer, I photograph people, that is what I do, that is who I am.  Years ago I figured out they way I can photograph weddings without wanting to kill myself.  I have turned that into a brand, with the help of my lady I have been able to pretty much turn that into a team.  Ashley is in charge of hair make up most the time, styling.   She pretty much holds everything together for me.  We decided it was time to rebrand.  I found my style years ago and I have fine tuned it and I'm not changing it. 

   So here are the new logos you will be seeing from me.  Designed by Clint Darby a extremely talented graphic design artist.  Sometimes in life you need to hire a professional, not a friend with a camera, not a friend who kinda knows design, but a true professional.


The Film came in!!!

   I was so excited to download these scans of film of baby Cruz.  Yes, I know I already uploaded the blog with Donavan, but those were BTS and digital (eww).  I loved working with this camera, The frames were almost perfect, I almost didn't have to edit at all.  Be warned I am about to over load you with photographs.

The Cruz baby

     Donavan Cruz entered this world 6 weeks early.  This week he should of just decided to come on out.  Ashley and I met up with Vince and his wonderful wife Mades.  We all became friends a little over nine months ago, and from moment one of meeting in person we hit it off.  I called Vince because I found him on Craig's list selling some film that had just been discontinued.  Sure enough about three months later we were still in contact and Ashley and I had invited them up for a fun shoot we had planned out in Big Sur.

    The photos here are a mix of myself, Vince, and Ashley shooting some BTS.  It was truly great to see my friends and photograph their beautiful boy.  Some of these shots are just for fun.

The Pardos

    A few months ago Ashley came to me and said "there is this really cool girl I saw today with blue hair."  So next time we went into her work ( I won't say for her privacy) I walked up to her, gave her our card and told her we would love to work with her.  Maybe a month or so later we got in contact and set this shoot up two days out.  Samantha and Justin are very much newly weds yet they had a photographer they know and trust do their actual wedding.  They were more than happy to do this with us.

Janice and Teddy Darby

     It has been a few weeks since I have posted on the blog.  I have been wanting to photograph my girlfriends parents for some time now.  Like most last minute photo shoots they end up being some of the best.  With two rolls of film (16 frames each) I was able to get a wonderful amount of usable photographs.  I love these two very much and they are truly wonderful people for many different reasons.  

     Looking at these two I see years of love, raising a family of three wonderful children, one of which is my girlfriend who means the world to me and for that I am extremely grateful.  Of course Ashley did the hair, make up and posing and Lucy, not only the best side kick ever but a wonderful assistant and second shooter.

||| Pink Blossom Salon|||

    A while ago, Kristi the owner of Pink Blossom Salon and I started collaborating together and we have a few shoots lined up!  Wonderful woman and wonderful Salon.  Here is a little something from a last min shoot that we put together.  It is extremely difficult to find people to work with that you completely trust and flow with.  I am happy to say that Kristi is one of those few people that I do.  I love it when I am able to photograph in medium format film!


|||Senior Portraits|||

    Life has been a little crazy for me as of late, but to not get too personal just yet, I have basically just been working and taking photos, a good amount of "Senior Portraits"  which took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do them.  I wanted to do them just like I do everything else.  More of a "life style shoot", or a "model shoot" if you will.  It has been fun and kinda unique on the students I have been booking.  All of them great young adults in their own way. Yet just like the weddings I photograph I have to have their trust and everything turns out great!  So here is a recap of the students I have been working with.

||| The Davis Wedding |||

   For this blog post I have some of my favorite photographs for "The Davis Wedding"  I made sure yo bring one roll of film for this beautiful couple.  One roll of film, with this camera and this type of film leaves me with 16 frames available to me, so every shot counts.  Jessica and Corey, thank you. Thank you for choosing me.  When I finally had the pleasure to meet Corey he said to me "It was very important to Jessica that you are our photographer"  Moments like those make all this worth it, this is a very cut throat industry, and I am not a cut throat person.  I care about my clients, I care that they are happy and that they love their photographs from their once in a lifetime day.  So here you go, here are a few photographs from the one roll of film I took with me, of course I shot digital too and I have those for Jessica and Corey as well, but these are my favorites. This is how I photograph best.

What have I been up to?

    The last month has been full of ups and downs for me,  I lost my job, I went camping, I have been photographing a lot of senior, booking weddings, I have been cycling like crazy, eating healthy and losing weight.  Of course I am on the hunt for a new career on top of taking photographs.  So here are some photographs from everything I have been up to.

    We went camping, it was nice to get away, it wasn't nearly long enough or far away enough.  Its funny to me how we all chose to live our lives.  Camping, getting away from our cell phones always helps me to center myself again.  If I could one day live in a nice cabin in the woods or next to a lake I would. Now the Baldwin wedding. Jake Baldwin has always been someone I considered a friend and it was great to be chosen to photograph their wedding.

    A few months ago Jessica Galloway, who was soon to be Mrs. Davis hired me out to photograph their wedding.  They only needed us for a few hours out of the day, which was a first for me and the kiss was to be at high noon, which is the worst time of the day to photograph.  Even though I would always choose film given the budget I was almost forced to due to the time of day and I couldn't be happier.  Color film over exposed is always beautiful. 

     I am going to upload a Davis Wedding blog, but here is a little something for you, after all this blog post is about what I have been up to over the past month after losing my job.

||| The Duffy Wedding |||

     It's a few months late but just because I wasn't sure If they wanted to share it with everyone, I was asked by my good friend Joshua E Duffy to be the one to photograph their wedding.  Now of course I wanted to do so and the two best things about doing this is that first off I was able to almost completely photograph the whole wedding in film, and the second best thing was that they were getting married in Lake Tahoe.  Somewhere I had yet to visit, somewhere I had always wanted to go.

    Now Joshua and I have been very close friends for, I want to say about five to six years.  It was cameras that brought us together just like they have with a few other close friends of mine, but I don't think it was cameras that have kept us friends.  Josh, I and one other friend would stay out all night photographing, learning, trying new things.  We have slept in a extremely small tent together, when we didn't have the normal 9-5 jobs like we have now (thats a lie, I don't have a job at all right now) we use to grab lunch all the time, we would go into the local Jr college darkroom together and make prints and all that fun stuff.  Joshua is one of those friends that if I knew he wasn't at work and I needed something I could call him.

    When Joshua and Jenny met I knew it was love at first sight, I have always been able to tell the moment a dear friend tells me about a certain gal or guy they met, I can tell when they have met their match.  I can tell when they are going to marry that person.  I was able to tell with my other two oldest and dearest friends from moment one and I was able to tell here with Josh and Jenny. I am not really sure how, but I just can.  I also know when someone is with child.  Both situations are something I can just feel, its something their soul gives off, its not that I can see it, its that I can feel it.  Just like when certain people touch me, a hand on my hand, a hand on my back I can feel them through my soul.  With Josh and Jenny I knew from moment one of hearing about her that she was the one my dear friend wanted to spend the rest of his time on earth with.

   Once in a while all the planets will align and I will have the honor to be part of almost a perfect wedding.  This was one of those times.  The Duffys were nice enough to make sure everyone had a place to stay and it was this beautiful cabin.  I can't even remember how many rooms it was.  They made sure Ashley and I had our own room and everything else we needed.  Now the most important thing for me and something I tell every potential wedding client of mine is "I have to get to know you, and you have to trust me 100% hands down."  Duffy is a photographer as well which can be a good thing for a wedding photographer or a bad thing.  There is nothing worse than someone telling you how to do what you do best. This was something I knew I did not have to worry about.  Josh and Jenny did not have to ask me to do anything and they gave me 100% trust. "whatever you want to do Jeremy, we trust you"  that my friend is how you know you are doing something right.  The fact that I shot almost this whole entire wedding in film, that We took Jennys dress outside and hung it above the snow, hung it over dirt and she just said "I trust you" The fact that we almost took two hours for their "creative shots" and Josh and Jenny said "everyone can wait, this is our day and we trust you" as a wedding photographer there is nothing better.

     It was a perfect wedding and a perfect trip.  It kinda changed me in a few ways.  I got to see one of my very best friends commit his life to the  one person he truly loves, I got to go to Lake Tahoe, I got to photograph my favorite way,  Ashley and I basically set the ceremony up, I was less than two feet away from the couple when they said "I Do" because that is what they wanted. I was able to capture photographs like nothing else I had yet to do at that point in the 7 years I had been seriously photographing,  I was able to bring my beautiful, wonderful and amazingly talented girlfriend/assistant who truly holds me together not just everyday but on very important days like a wedding like this.  Josh and Jenny actually thanked us when they gave their speech, but in all honesty they thanked ashley more because she is the glue that holds it all together.  I so badly want to go back, I so badly want every wedding to be like this.  Where there is trust, love and understanding.

    Thank you Josh and Jenny, thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding.  Thank you for trusting us in every single way, Thank you for the years of support cause trying to be a photographer is everything but easy.  Your wedding will always be one of my absolute most loved.  I will and do tell your story when I sit down with wedding clients.  How you trusted me in every way, to hang your dress in a tree, trusted me to help set up the ceremony, to get way to close when you said "I do" Now I am able to show people what I am capable of if given all the tools I ask for.  I am excited to see you guys grow and to start your family.

||| Mr. Stites Senior Portraits |||

    I have watched James grow from a boy to a young man who is about to graduate High School. I was more than excited to photograph him for his senior portraits, I don't really see it has senior portraits but more or less as a lifestyle shoot.  Senior portraits can be so boring, I want to make sure the students themselves are happy with the shoot.

    Of course all the plans fell apart last minute, but hey that is photography.  Out of all the years I don't think I have had a shoot go 100% as planned, but somehow it always works out for the better.  We had plans to go way up north but we needed up going to Guadalupe.  It was great.  

|||The Otremba Family|||

     I had the joy and the pleasure to photograph the Otremba Family and what a experience it was!  I absolutely loved how full of energy this whole family is, these kids are always playing out side and doing something crazy.  They live down the street from my girlfriends family.  They are either playing basketball, walking a tight rope they have out front or something!  During the shoot the boys were all over the place, running and jumping and throwing things at one another and that my friend is how I think it should be.  Mom and Dad are amazing and I truly enjoy to watch the connection they have has soul mates and as parents.  This is a Clan of some very impressive humans.

     It sure was funny to watch these kids play "pokemon go" while we were running around the hills.  One of the took off and didn't come back for a solid 5 mins, only to return and say "it was a bulbasur" so I understand his frustration. We had a lot of great laughs during the duration of this photo shoot and it was truly my pleasure.

||| The Santa Maria Inn|||

     If you are getting married in California's Central Coast The Historical Santa Maria Inn is a wonderful option.  About a week ago we did a Mock Wedding with a team of professionals.  Of course it was a great time and I feel that everyone did a great job. Working with Tim Lopez from "Sea Glass Wedding" and "Modern Symphony" was extremely professional and we also had a ton of fun!  Ashley Darby did an amazing job on hair and make up as always, and of course I took the photographs.

|||The Baldwin Wedding|||

     It was a blast to photograph The Baldwins on their very special day.  To see an old friend say "I do" to his best friend, to the woman who he loves more than anything...I always cry at weddings but that is because I am a chick.  Here is just a few photographs that I love from their big day.  All photographs posted here are film and are perfect, I don't even know how to edit these photos.

     Once in a while I will get the perfect wedding.  There are a million things that can go wrong for photographers in the wedding world that guest attending the wedding have no idea about.  When you get the perfect clients that 100% trust you, there is almost nothing better.  When your client says "whatever you want to do Jeremy, we trust you and we want to do what you want to do" the stars align and everything just works out, even if everything else is falling apart.  The kiss was at high noon so I knew when I were to take the couple away for a moment and snap some shots on the beach I had to use color film.

     Pismo beach on fathers day weekend was were the kiss was to be held.  The only problem with this beautiful location was the time of day.  As a photographer it is my job to make it happen and make it work without a problem, without anyone knowing that these photographs at high noon are going to be very difficult with the way I like to shoot.  With my style and with what I am known for.  I love to photograph weddings in medium format film.  You might not know what that it is but it is flawless, yes it is expensive but it is perfection.  After the kiss I was able to take the couple away for just a few moments and have a moment with them and I only used color film and I only shot one roll with 16 frames available to me.  I am 100% stoked with these photographs and I am very excited for the couple and everyone else to see them!  

I just want to take a moment to thank The Baldwins for choosing me.  A year before the wedding they said "Jeremy, its you. You are photographing our wedding"  You have no idea how much that means to me.  To hear those words, that two people choose me on their special day,  that I am to take on that once in a life time day, when everything can fall apart and I have to hold it together and do a better than amazing job to make sure everyone is more than 100% happy with me, with the photographs and with the whole experience that comes with choosing me.