Its "About Time"

When Caitlyn and Aaron from the wonderful dynamic duo “About Time” asked me to photograph their wedding I knew it was going to be a great one! Such a wonderful and artistic couple, you better believe I was excited. 2017

The Moreno's

Perhaps one of the most fun weddings of 2018. Dylan and Hannah completely gave me their trust which is amazing! I love it when I get creative “control” To work on your craft most your life, and then to have someone let you do you is awesome.


A Wedding in Montana!

I absolutely loved going to Montana this year to photograph Ben and Kellie’s Mountain Wedding Over at White Ravin which was absolutely amazing! The family and I stayed about a week. I am truly thankful that we got to be there.


The Beckett's

The Becketts are came up from the greater L.A. to handle some wedding planing. My good friend and amazing Wedding Videographer Nicholas Whinnery and I spend the whole day with Nicole and Colby photographing and filming their engagement session. What an amazing day with some truly wonderful people.

To see See Nicholas Whinnery Video work visit


The Smith's

The Perfect day, the perfect location, and the best group of people. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Smiths!

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The Ford's do it right!

After a 12 year long engagement Andrea and JJ invite everyone to spend this most wonderful day with them. A private ranch and a classic California Central-Coast sunset, there was no better way for the day to go! It was a wonderful day with a wonderful team.


The Barrett's Say I do in San Francisco

With a whole lot of love I am proud to show you photographs from one of my all time best friends wedding!  The phone call I received from Tommy was a phone call like no other.  Calm and with no hesitation Tommy informed me of how he had to marry Mika,  The Woman of his dream, his puzzle piece, his other half, his better half.  Most importantly the woman he wanted to spend everyday with. 

Mommy Day Photos

Doing these Mommy Mini Day Sessions have been going great.  Here is our latest session with Jessica Smith and her amazing son Kayson!

Amy and her family have become long time clients of ours! They hire us a few times a year.  It's wonderful to watch their family grow.

Photos for Pao's Family.

I (Jeremy) thought that it'd be really nice to take some photos for Paola because before she had become an official partner in Wirth Photography she was assisting me. Giving her a shoot while her brother was in town with her mother too was important to me that she had these moments captured. 


The only time we all had available was the "worst time" to photograph, so we took them on the inside of her moms house. I thought Paola's brother was super nice and cool. Her mom had a sense of pride in her voice when she spoke about Paola and I could tell she was thankful for the photoshoot. 

Paola's now become an official business photographer of Wirth Photography and she's helping write this post. I (Paola) could not be more thankful for these photos capturing just 20 minutes of the love, silliness and closeness that this side of my family shows. 

FoxJump Mock Shoot

We were so excited to have FoxJ ump Cinematics involve us in this beautiful wedding mock shoot. 

We worked together alongside a lot of the best talent in the Central Coast of California. Click through the photos below to see some of our work on this fun day. 

Ashley Darby did a great job on hair and make up in the start of the day. 


The day was almost over, and they brought out cars to reenergize us all and get our creativity out. 

The Inn at The Pier

We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful evening at a beautiful new Venue in Pismo Beach Ca.  We met some wonderful people, thank you for having us!

The Bride and the Rocks.

I am no good with words so here are some photographs of a "bridal inspiration" shoot we did while we had some rain here on the central coast.


Hair and Make up:

erika magazine cover.jpg

Ashley Darby is to give credit for the idea of this photo shoot, the dress, the hair and make up.  Ashley mentioned it would be fun to do a darker "Bridal Inspiration shoot" in the rain.  I got to work as fast as I could.  I knew without a doubt that Erika De Leijaa had to be the Model    We where on location within 42 hours.

It was a great time to be had of  course.  It is always wonderful to bring something different to the table, to express, to make some "art"


The Birth of our Son Rex Morrison Wirth

Rex Morrison Wirth was born on March 5th at 5:01 AM at 9lb 2oz and 20.5 inch.  His birth was one of the most insane things I think I will ever witness.  Ashley's water broke at 4:00 AM, followed by a contraction at 4:03 and another at 4:07.  We arrived at the hospital lets say around 4:45 and Rex was born shortly after.  

Ashley was screaming that this hurt way more than the first time, that she couldn't do it, I tried to warn the nurses that when Ashley speaks she means what she says, so if she is saying her body is locked up and she can't move, she can't move.  I don't think anyone believed us until she started crowning and yelling "the baby is coming"

Maybe seven pushes, maybe! and Rex was here.  Seeing Ashley give the last push was one of the most  euphoric moments of my life.  This whole process was.  The other woman you see in the photographs is Jennie Hitchcock, Ashley dear friend and Dula.  She was the for the whole pregnancy of Lucy and the birth so we wanted her here for this baby.  I wish she could of been here for the whole entire pregnancy but life happens.  She helped bring both Kids into this world and I am beyond grateful for her for many reasons.  

Michelle and Warren

     A little less than a year ago Warren's sister in law contacted me about a group photo of the three brothers for a birthday present for their mother.  Needless to say it was one of those fun, goofy and easy photo shoots.  Three brothers? come on, it was full of laughs, which is something I always love.  A few months later Warrens girlfriend contacted me for graduation photos.  She Graduated from Cal Poly if I remember correctly?  Well the other day I was able to have the honor to photograph their Engagement session!  I love having returning clients, and I can tell when they will be life long clients! I am very grateful when people see what I do and appreciate it.


    For the fist time in years you will be seeing me use logos, and not only that, new logos.  The girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about us rebranding these past few months.  Like most things she is usually right. So here it goes.  It has taken me years of hard work to get where I am.  Countless nights, thousands of hours shooting, developing film and prints in the dark room, working under the best photographers I could find in the area. 


    I am a film photographer, I photograph people, that is what I do, that is who I am.  Years ago I figured out they way I can photograph weddings without wanting to kill myself.  I have turned that into a brand, with the help of my lady I have been able to pretty much turn that into a team.  Ashley is in charge of hair make up most the time, styling.   She pretty much holds everything together for me.  We decided it was time to rebrand.  I found my style years ago and I have fine tuned it and I'm not changing it. 

   So here are the new logos you will be seeing from me.  Designed by Clint Darby a extremely talented graphic design artist.  Sometimes in life you need to hire a professional, not a friend with a camera, not a friend who kinda knows design, but a true professional.


The Film came in!!!

   I was so excited to download these scans of film of baby Cruz.  Yes, I know I already uploaded the blog with Donavan, but those were BTS and digital (eww).  I loved working with this camera, The frames were almost perfect, I almost didn't have to edit at all.  Be warned I am about to over load you with photographs.