hi my name is jeremy.

     I have been photographing for some time now, it took a few years for me to become interested in weddings and a few years after that for me to figure how I photograph a wedding the best to my ability.  With a my love of street photography, and my love for working with people I have finally found my way of working. 

     Right around the time I decided to really chase the wedding industry in my own way, documenting the day, becoming close to the bride and groom.  I met this beautiful woman standing next to me in this photograph you see here.  Not only did she change my personal life but she also changed my business.  She not only assist me with everything, she does most the hair and make up you will see on this site, and on the big day she is there for the bride and groom almost if not more than me.

  Together we have found what we do best.  If I can photograph a wedding in film and have the full trust of my clients, If Ashley can be there to make sure the bride is beautiful all day, then we really have a wonderful wedding.