hi my name is jeremy.

There is no greater sense of belonging as being part of a community. Without my people, I am incomplete. I’m not fulfilled. The Central Coast is and will always be my home and my first love. We’re often afraid to speak of loss. To embrace its certainty. But much like the cultivation of life-long friendships and relationships — loss is the great shaper of the human experience. Loss often reigns us in or reminds us what’s most important. More than almost anything else, it’s our own vulnerability that makes each moment more precious than the last. 

For as long as I can remember, I have kept faith with the preservation of precious moments. I don’t see photography as a skill, but an understanding. It’s a conversation, an exchange of power between photographer and his subject. We have so little control over our everyday lives. But this—this is the breathless fraction of a second where we hold the power to preserve. To contain our beautiful moments and defiantly declare, I will never let you go. 

If community is built and cultivated by friends, family and the neighbors who surround us, we owe them our own special contribution. Our minds, our hearts, our hard work. Our art. My name is Jeremy Wirth of Wirth Photography. My place in my culture—my business is the preservation of these most precious moments.