hi my name is jeremy.

Who am I, you might ask?

Well…That’s me. That’s my Son Rex. He is probably one of the coolest dudes I know. We love to hang out, get into trouble and eat food. I have spent the last sixteen years. Where exactly you might ask? A little town called Orcutt in Californias Central-Coast. The roots run deep here. I can’t even go to the market without running into five people I know, and about ten people that know my family. I try to be good to the community and its people. I am thankful for what this area has taught me over the years, yet as many great photographers before me I love the streets.

How long have I been photographing?

That is kinda a hard question to answer. I remember picking up a camera as a young child.. This was back in the mid 90s so it was film. Any chance I got as a young child to photograph I would take it. I remember visiting family in the mid-west, my parents would send me with a disposable camera to last the whole trip, well that only lasted me a few days. When digital came out in the early 2000’s is when I really started to sell my soul for this art form. My 20’s (which just ended) was spent completely immersed in photography. My days were spent trying to capture and hold to these ever fleeting moments of friends and family. I was lucky enough to hit the road with some friends who played in a band. The camera gives me the power, with a camera I am fearless. This is the only thing I understand, this is the only thing I can do all day every day and keep going.

So how did I start photographing weddings?

I have never seen the wedding industry as big as it is right now. With such powerful influences in our daily lives, social media and digital content, how do I photograph weddings? how do I stand out among the sea of wedding photographs/film makers and entrepreneurs? Here is the secret; and this is something that took me years to understand; You be yourself.

I eventually realized that those moments I was chasing to capture on the street where around me in everyday life. If I could photograph your wedding just like I photographed rock concerts, just like I photographed my friends and family, just like I photographed those streets in strange little towns, maybe someone might like my work? perhaps I could be the perfect wedding photographer for MY type of client. My job isn’t to be everyones wedding photographer. My job is to be YOUR perfect wedding photographer. To put your trust in me, to know that I am capturing those moments on your bid day that you didn’t have time to enjoy. It is my job, it is my life work to tell stories.